Why a Moustache eBike?

Well for a start Moustache bikes are quite different to what most people think of when someone says “e” bike. Older and and lower cost eBikes are sometimes not the most beautiful things to look at, they can be heavy and often use inefficient motor systems. This means their assisted riding range is less and when the battery does go flat they are no fun to ride.

Enter manufacturers like Moustache Bikes and the Bosch crank drive system and things start to look a bit different. Their designs are as beautiful as they are functional and they’re combined with the best in German electrics from Bosch. Their performance is a world ahead of what has gone before them. It’s not only manufacturers like Moustache Bikes in France that use the Bosch system but it is small passion driven companies like them (they only make eBikes) that are leading the way in the new era eBike frontier. And Moustache do the widest range of models out of any eBike maker, all designed and manufactured while keeping the use of the bike and the needs of its rider at the forefront of the design process.

But eBikes are cheating… Yes if your bike has a throttle only mode I agree that is cheating, then really you’re riding a motor bike. The key word to look for regarding eBikes is Pedelec, aslo known as pedal assist electric bikes, the Bosch system is one of these and it simply means you have to pedal to get the assistance. How much you want to pedal and what level of assistance is all selectable so you can take it pretty easy or you can just use it on the hard stuff, you choose and can easily change modes as you ride. But the Bosch system goes a lot further, they also have torque and cadence sensors in the crank and the more you put into your pedaling the more the motor will assist you so the sensation is exactly the same as when riding a normal bike but you have bionic legs! Bosch eBikes are also super safe and reliable, being built to stringent European safety standards. The power assist is very smooth and starts as soon as you start pedaling and stops as soon as you stop pedaling. Like all things Bosch their eBikes are intelligent yet simple to use, with the added bonus of being the most reliable eBike system in the world.

I don’t want an eBike because I ride for exercise… There have been studies done internationally on the health benefits of riding eBikes versus regular bikes, the most interesting thing is that the mass “middle fit” e rider population is getting more overall exercise than their regular bike riding cousins. That just doesn’t make sense right? Well it does when you find that eBike riders will often ride every day compared to the maybe once a week of standard bike riders. Why is this? Simply because eBikes are so much more fun, they take the pain of the hills and headwind away and make you smile every time you pedal!