3 Free Services! – in Nelson or Mapua

When buying a new bike from ChargeAbout Nelson you get either:

3 complimentary bike services * or 1 complimentary service* and 1 complimentary mountain bike coaching clinic from Gravity Nelson (don’t underestimate the value of a coaching clinic, customised to any level of experience, they are excellent).

All ex demo or rental sales also get 1 x complimentary service 🙂

The beauty of a well made bike with the best components is not just riding pleasure but also reliability. You’ll get both when you purchase a Moustache bike but as with your car keeping your eBike in top running order requires the occasional service. Chains and brake pads need replacing and tyres kept in check. The best thing is the Bosch electric assist system requires NO servicing and all the other Moustache bike components are standard cycling equipment that can get serviced by any bike shop anywhere!

We like to look after you personally whenever possible though so when buying a bike from ChargeAbout Nelson you also have 2 service center options. Our main service partner is situated right in the heart of central Nelson at the Gravity Nelson HQ, Pocket Park, 53 Bridge St. Gravity are the premier mountain bike operator in the Nelson region and with that comes top grade service technicians who service every kind of bike, mountain, road or anything in between. Then there’s also us at the Mapua HQ if it’s more convenient.

The Gravity Nelson workshop is open 7 days a wk and Mapua servicing is available by appointment. You can pre-book your service at Gravity too, ph 03 545 8484.

Do Moustache eBikes require extra servicing? In short no, the Bosch drive system is a sealed no service required unit. With the extra torque going through the an eBikes drive train we do suggest more regular chain replacements, roughly every 700 – 900 km depending on the riding conditions.