The bicycle geniuses at Moustache believe that e-bikes are an incredible opportunity for the development of cycling, they are the modern reinvention of the bicycle and are on track to be out selling standard bikes in Europe within 5 years. They put so much fun back into bike riding! Moustache bikes are not just for the older or less fit rider, while they are great for those riders too their range of bikes and the performance they offer means there is a bike for all ages and rider types. From beautiful multi-use bikes to high end FS down hill mountain bikes, Moustache only make electric bikes so all their expertise go into making the perfect e-bike. This can be seen in the uncompromised design and function of each bike, and hence they have become Europe’s leading high end niche e-bike manufacturer.

Each Moustache Bike is hand assembled in the Vosges region in France. In the development process riders are the priority along with a desire to offer bikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining design, comfort, and ease of use. bosch-logo-sans-byline

ePowered by Bosch these are the world’s most reliable, efficient and easy to ride electric assist bikes. The eBike magic lies within the German manufactured Bosch mid drive system which allows you to power along with as much or as little effort as you wish. Just apply any amount of pressure to the pedals and the small motor promptly starts assisting you, up hills and all-about and stops assisting the split second you stop pedaling. The result is a bike that is seriously fun to ride!

Starckbike-with-Moustache-Sand-2Moustache believe that performance, quality and service are the foundation of any bicycle. Their partnership with Bosch is based on these values. Bosch is the most developed, efficient and reliable system that exists.Bosch



All the bikes are easy to ride with the motor OFF too! This is because the system is the lightest in its class and has standard rear cassette gearing (motor in the crank not the hub!) It really is just like riding a regular bike, which is a brilliant thing given we all love riding bikes! (Note: the Bosch system is also the most efficient available, meaning that your battery will last longer and take you further, 50 to 150 + km per charge depending on terrain and the level of rider input).